MAPAQ is now in charge of household pets as Anima-Quebec falls apart

by Rick Cognyl Fournier | June 27, 2013 10:49 pm

report animal cruelty[1]The MAPAQ website just launched it’s webform where people can report animal abuse, with the fall of Anima-Quebec in January 2013 the mandate to protect household animals such as dogs and cats is now under MAPAQ’s hands.

If you witnessed any form of animal abuse, such as neglect or cruelty you can now contact MAPAQ using this link[2]. You can also contact MAPAQ by phone at 1 800 463-5023 ext. 4.

The website is in French only, so if you don’t write French, I’m not sure the Quebec Government is “allowed” or even “could” read English.

For those of you who live in Montreal and speak English, ignore MAPAQ and call the CSPCA at 514-735-2711 or visit their website[3], the Montreal SPCA (known as the CSPCA) is mandated by MAPAQ for the “Monteregie” region of Quebec.

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