Operation Felix was raided by the MAPAQ, 80 cats seized


Janine Larose, president of Operation – Felix, wrote of the following incident on Facebook.

LAVAL – November 25th, MAPAQ has a warrant to inspect and seize the cats warehoused at Operation Felix, a so-called rescue who is in fact an institutional hoarder. MAPAQ and HSI seized 80 cats that had health conditions.

Mme Larose claims the raid comes following an open letter she wrote in French, regarding her opposition to the MAPAQ permits for breeders and rescues.

Since complaints remain anonymous. the warrant contained no info as to the identity of the complainant. Mme Larose is currently seeking legal help to recover her cats, yet she already knows it’s a lost battle as she will not have the funds required to cover the boarding fees she will be charged. The same tactic was used by the MAPAQ against both the Chow Chow Man and Paws R’ Us.

This is not the first run-in Mme Larose has had with authorities, in the late 90’s the City of Mascouche was forced to burn down her house for health reasons, as dead cats were found within the walls of her home.

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