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    A couple hours later after letting her cat Koko into the backyard, Jeanette Ykema began preparing Koko’s usual noontime treat.

    Normally, Koko is quick to pounce on the treat. On June 18, it was a different story.

    “Nothing happened,” Ykema tells CTV.

    Veterinarian Harkesh Sharma points to an X-ray showing a metal pellet lodged in the spine of Koko the cat.

    “I thought an odd thing might have happened, maybe she got out for whatever reason, so I walked up to the end of the deck.”
    Once there, Ykema noticed that Koko was in an odd position – all four legs were in the air, and although her eyes were open, she wasn’t moving.

    She took Koko inside. When she set Koko on the floor, Koko collapsed, unable to stand under her own power.

    Unsure of what had happened, Ykema took Koko to her veterinarian, Harkesh Sharma.

    Sharma X-rayed the cat and found a small metal pellet lodged in her spine.

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