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    A man who lives in the small town of Danville a quiet neighborhood, stole a cat and decided that the cat’s family was not fit to have it anymore because he got outside.

    When the unidentified man realized that the family wasn’t going to let this go, he told the family that he dropped off the cat in multiple different locations on multiple different nights, sending the family out into the night and the wee hours of the morning, frightened that their kitten was cold and hungry or — even worse – dead, said Meghan Reeves.

    My children have been in tears, missing their cat and asking daily when he’ll be coming home. After days of research, we located this man’s address. When he realized we were on to him and knew where he lived, he started acting strange, wandering around the neighborhood, looking in people’s backyards, hiding behind bushes, said Meghan Reeves.

    By the time police were able to get to his residence to search, there was no cat. We found out from a friend of the man’s daughter that sometime during that same day when he was acting so strangely, he gave our cat to a friend of his, said Meghan Reeves. [1]

    This is why people should never leave their pets outside while unsupervised. There are many crazy cat ladies and even cat dudes out there.

    Despite the fact that an animal such as a cat is property, the law is not on your side during these types of situations, it becomes a lost and found item, and it’s not an easy and closed case of theft.

    1. Danville family's cat is kidnapped


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