Abandoned by the health care system

Alone in her house living with a dozen cats in total filth while the health care system is incapable of offering her the appropriate care.

Abandoned by the health care system

Operation Felix was raided by the MAPAQ, 80 cats seized

Janine Larose, president of Operation – Felix, wrote of the following incident on Facebook. LAVAL […]


How many dead cats are within the walls of Montreal cat shelters?

Montreal cat shelters within industrial buildings warehousing cats with no ventilation systems, hoarders or rescues?

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MAPAQ is now in charge of household pets as Anima-Quebec falls apart

The MAPAQ website just launched it’s webform where people can report animal abuse, with the fall of Anima-Quebec in January 2013 the mandate to protect household animals such as dogs and cats is now under MAPAQ’s hands.

report animal cruelty